Dating a Younger Man? Here are 13 Things You Should Know.

Is it okay to date a guy 4 years younger than you? I’m 24.

Dating a guy 4 years older than me

GUYS and girls: i like a guy 4 years older than me! what.

You have serious consequences beyond the legal consequences. You have no clue what you are risking. You need to wait until you reach the legal age of consent before doing anything like this. If you expect us to seriously believe that a boy 4 years older than you is not going to try to have sexual relations with you, then you are very naive.

Dating a guy 4 years older than me

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A fifth of a 20 year old’s age would be four years, for example, so they could date someone between 16 and 24 (four years older or younger). Based on this system, someone who’s 60 would have a 12 year margin, so the age range would be 48 to 72.

Dating a guy 4 years older than me

Is it okay for me to date a boy who is 4 years older than.

It’s pretty common to date someone who’s a few years younger or older than you, and often the age difference is no big deal. Sometimes, maturity levels match, even when ages don’t. But when the age difference is bigger, there are other things to consider.


I'm 35, my boyfriend is 28. So yeah. I've not dated anyone 2 years older than me, but it wasn't a conscious thing. Oh, and apparently if you half you age and then add 7, it's socially acceptable to date sometime from that age upwards. Obviously it's not a hard rule, but it's a good rule of thumb!

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Well i am 16 and the mN i like is about to turn 21. He is 4 years older than me. We dated when i was 14 and he was 18 but when the odds (his parents) tried to stake against us we decided to take a break. He graduated and found a girl very similar in looks and personality to me (as i see it) and they had a little boy who they share custody of.

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She is 13 years older than her mate. A recent article in Oprah magazine looked at a handful of real-life May-December romances, focusing mainly on those between older women and younger men.

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I'm 24, and my boyfriend is 43. We’ve been together for just under one year. He’s 369 days younger than my Mum, and has teenage children. Despite the maths, and the fact he thinks Kim Kardashian is married to Jay Z, it’s a solid, respectful relationship devoid of weird power dynamics.


Not at your age. If your parents allow you to date, you should not date a guy older than 15. I would not allow any child of mine to date at age 14, though.

I'm sleeping with a guy ten years older than me, and no, he's not a sugar daddy. He's become one of my best friends, honestly. We met on one of those dating apps, and at first I think it was somewhat of a joke for both of us. I never, ever went for anyone above four years over my age and he had never gone out with someone as young as me, either.


Im 22 and dating a 43 year old. He treats me like im a princess. See older men have always gone for me, my sister says i have a mature, plus i have always acted older then my age. He likes how i can be immature at times to, shows him i can have some fun.

Dating a guy 4 years older than me

Will you ever date a guy who is 4years younger than you.

I have been married to a man 25 years older than me for over 10 years, and we love each other fiercely. Like any relationship, ours had its ups and downs, most of them not age-related. But in case you might be falling for an older guy, here are a few of the highs and lows of loving an older man you can look out for.

Dating a guy 4 years older than me

Guys, would you ever date a woman older than you? or have.

All of the men in that 27% prefer to date women who are only 1 to 4 years older. 13% of men prefer women their same age. Give or take a few months, a large number of men show attraction towards women who are their same age. It’s not just the guys who are conforming to social norms.

Dating a guy 4 years older than me

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He's older than you, which means that he's been dating for longer than you have. He has more life experience, which doesn't necessarily make him smarter, but it does make him someone worth listening to. The next time he tells you that you're doing something wrong with your career or friends, hear him out instead of immediately getting mad.

Dating a guy 4 years older than me

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I am nearly 4 years older than DH. We've been together 16 years and are very happy. Only 2 people have commented on the age difference - MIL and a bitchy friend. Now ex friend but not because of that.

Dating a guy 4 years older than me

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One year ago I began dating a man who had been married for 40 years his wife passed 10 years ago. Everything was going good for about three or four months until his 42-year-old daughter left her husband ,who was beating her and moved in with her three-year-old son.. He is a little older than me and moving into retirement mode a little sooner.

Dating a guy 4 years older than me

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Only one out of 100 sad, pathetic excuses for a woman said they'd date a guy — get this — younger than them. Of course, dating a man too much older when the woman was significantly younger was.