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Buffy dating the immortal

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The joke was about Buffy dating Angel, a vampire, an immortal. Andrew thought it was funny immortal a fake Buffy dated a immortal kinda summers the the Buffy. Ha ha they both dated immortals. Allycat Guest. Clem Rocks said:. I think the joke immortal more that both Angel and Spike absolutely hated The Immortal. I just don't think Buffy did cuz, hey, she's never been up on the Watcherly.

Buffy dating the immortal

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Buffy dating the immortal. Buffy the Vampire Slayer s eason 2 is back the show changed gears. It turned from the funny and quirky high wiki drama with magic to the funny and quirky high school drama with vampires where horrible, awful and tragic things happen. It was during season 2 that Buffy slept with someone for the first time. She slept with her serious wiki and Angel turned into a.

Buffy dating the immortal

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The Immortal was an old rival of both Angel and Spike. He was a respected and admired being that served no side, instead pursuing his own desires.


Written by Steven S. DeKnight and Drew Goddard and directed by David Greenwalt, it was originally broadcast on May 5, 2004 on the WB network. When Angel and Spike go to Italy after hearing Buffy is in trouble, they discover she is dating their long-time nemesis The Immortal.

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How “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” Became Immortal.

In Angel Season Five, Andrew Wells says that Buffy has been dating the Immortal.. Andrew was the one who decided for the Buffy imposter to date the Immortal, because he thought it would be funny, given Angel and Spike's shared history with Buffy abd The Immortal, with both viewing the Immortal as one of their greatest enemies. Buffy herself doesn't know about the reasons why Andrew thought.

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Upon learning that Buffy is now dating The Immortal, Spike and Angel travel to Rome on the pretext of business but spend most of the time there trying to find Buffy. In the end, they fail to catch up with her. (The blonde glimpsed in Rome is later revealed to be a decoy Buffy, set up by Andrew Wells, who had researched the history between Angel, Spike and The Immortal, and thought the idea.


My Immortal by elisi (Reviews - 41) After settling in Rome in 2004, Buffy started dating a man known only as 'The Immortal', and who was - by all accounts - entirely too good to be true. What if one of his other names was 'Captain Jack Harkness'? This crossover explores how this could be possible, ties the two 'verses together (including all those flashbacks) and shows why Buffy and Jack were.

It is later retconned in the “Buffy” Season Eight comics that Andrew had fabricated the notion of Buffy dating the Immortal, both as a measure of protective misdirection and as a way of pranking Angel and Spike due to their history with the Immortal. In the Season Eight comics, Xander refers to Andrew as the leader of a Slayer cell in Southern Italy. He is seen giving a group of Slayers a.


Immortal Memory Buffy Summers rather glumly was looking at the river Tiber and throwing stones into it. For the past few months she'd been involved in a charade to get closer to an ancient being, demonic or otherwise, known as the Immortal. The charade she'd been involved in had been a double one, the first part dealing with her being kept far from Rome and beating up demons in all sorts of.

Buffy dating the immortal

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Buffy dating the immortal

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Angel then receives a call informing him that the Immortal was found near Buffy, so he immediately leaves. Spike hears of this and decides to come along, much to Angel's chagrin. Once on the airplane, Angel points out that Spike is going to try and win over Buffy again and Spike says he's doing the same. Angel retorts that he has a girlfriend, but Spike points out that Nina doesn't know that.

Buffy dating the immortal

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Willow's going thru her own thing, dating a green, scaly, immortal, otherdimensional trickster-type. Meanwhile, I frankly don't give a what about the ongoing awkwardness between Xander and Dawn. Probably because Xander has lost his shine on me. I haven't liked that dude in a while now. No, what hooks me in are Buffy and Spike. The best bits continue to revolve around their heart-to-heart.

Buffy dating the immortal

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When they traveled to Rome to get Buffy away from The Immortal, they drank together, seemed to have equal concern for Buffy's well-being and shared rather comical jealousy and outrage towards The Immortal when told Buffy was dating him. Angel often saw Spike as a nuisance, and Spike considers Angel very irritating and much too 'noble'. Still, they seem to have developed underlying respect.

Buffy dating the immortal

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On a trip to discover why Buffy was now dating the Immortal, they had to talk their way past his butler and Spike never misses a moment to rub Angel the wrong way. It’s one of those episodes that highlights their shared history and reminds us that they still hate each other.

Buffy dating the immortal

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But - life dating The Immortal could be full of last-minute changes, Buffy soon discovered. Late Monday afternoon he called - very apologetically - and asked if she'd mind changing their plans a little, since he'd been caught up in something that would take a little longer than anticipated. He sounded a little. off, and she asked if he was OK.